Ms Outlook – Cannot open your default email folders


Have you configured an e-mail account yet? If not then you could try going
through Control Panel \ User Accounts and Family Safety \ Mail \ E-mail
Accounts and create a new account there.

If you have configured an e-mail account and the problem is still there you
might want to go to the Control Panel \ User Accounts and Family Safety \
Mail \ Show Profiles \ and remove the current profile and create a new one
with a new name.


sayap – sayap

sayap ku dan sayap mu
dia tetap berkepak walopun aku tidak jadi bagian dari nya
berlalu dan aku  hanya melihat suaranya saja..
dia pasti menemukan sayap baru
Terus lah berkepak terbang tinggi dan melihat indah nya dunia ini..

log error squid

Beberapa list di bawah ini merupakan list dari log error yg nampil di access.log dan biar tidak lupa saya post di blog.. 🙂

TCP_HIT A valid copy of the requested object was in the cache.
TCP_MISS The requested object was not in the cache.
TCP_REFRESH_HIT The requested object was cached but STALE. The IMS query for the object resulted in “304 not modified”. Continue reading

iPC OSx86 PPF5 on Acer TM 6291

Today I have to install other distro hackintosh again, iPC OSx86 10.5.6 ppf5 latest on my laptop.

this my option customize :

  • iPC OSx86
  • kernel 9.2.0 netkas sleep
  • legacy time machine fix
  • intel ICHx sata drivers
  • ALC268
  • AppleBCM5751 Ethernet
  • Ralink RT2500 USB
  • Patched USBDrivers
  • AppleACPI Battery Manager
  • ClamShell Display Support
  • ACPI Fix
  • Dual Boot Time Sync
  • Finder 10.5.5 + keyboard
  • Shutdown/Restart Fix
  • Verbose Mode
  • Ps/2 Device Support
  • Patch DSDT with NewHPET
  • AppleSMBIOS-27 Rev 667
  • and Applications

Continue reading