iPC OSx86 PPF5 on Acer TM 6291

Today I have to install other distro hackintosh again, iPC OSx86 10.5.6 ppf5 latest on my laptop.

this my option customize :

  • iPC OSx86
  • kernel 9.2.0 netkas sleep
  • legacy time machine fix
  • intel ICHx sata drivers
  • ALC268
  • AppleBCM5751 Ethernet
  • Ralink RT2500 USB
  • Patched USBDrivers
  • AppleACPI Battery Manager
  • ClamShell Display Support
  • ACPI Fix
  • Dual Boot Time Sync
  • Finder 10.5.5 + keyboard
  • Shutdown/Restart Fix
  • Verbose Mode
  • Ps/2 Device Support
  • Patch DSDT with NewHPET
  • AppleSMBIOS-27 Rev 667
  • and Applications

Install done…, eject disc iPC, Reboot with options “cpus=1 -v“, Sound at preloading after installing, Register system and ur name, DONE..

i don’t understand a problem with my processor core 2 duo @T5500, because i’m must use option boot “cpus=1

sometimes, i can boot with no cpus=1 but after the enter mac, several minutes then my Osx86 will hang.. “stuck” ergh!

help me… thanks šŸ™‚


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